Vitality, Balance & Longevity




"Qigong" roughly translates to "intensive work with life force energy". Almost always it is a combination of movement, breathing and intent that creates the desired positive effect.


This specific system (there are many thousand different ones) is especially designed to balance the organs and support a healthy vital foundation for living a joyful, flowing life.

The Baduan Jin are quite balanced in themselves. They have as much a harmonizing, grounding effect as they have an energizing one which makes them an almost perfect tool for a modern lifestyle.


This online course is set up so that you learn the foundation of the movements first and then progress to breathing and the advanced way of performing the exercises.

I gave it a long thought if it is even possible to learn Qigong like this, but I came to the conclusion that it deffinitely is. All moves are broken down into easy digestable pieces that allow you to get familiar with the important principles. Then I show you step by step how all the pieces flow together and how they become one flowing big movement that feels satisfying.

There are specific modules talking about how to apply and train the Baduan Jin to support ones immune system, to balance the body, calm the mind and/ or recharge ones energy and just simply tune ones life.

In the following is a list of some of the benefits Baduan Jin Qigong training can give you.

Benefits of Baduan Jin Qigong Training

  • improved flexibility and mobility
  • tones muscles
  • imrpoves strength (especially in the legs)
  • improves coordination
  • improves mood
  • reduces stress
  • helps to reduce anxiety and depression
  • balances the immunesystem
  • helps to balance hormone levels
  • improves sexual performance and libido both in men and women
  • supports the cardiovascular system
  • balances high blood pressure
  • improves your breathing
  • increases oxigenation of your brain
  • promotes mental clairity
  • helps to clear your mind and emotions
  • helps to reconnect with yourself
  • improves bone density
  • helps to energize and rejuvenate body and mind
  • boosts self confidence and enhances stability
  • and many more...


"The Chinese knew what modern science is backing up more and more, that conscious movement and breathing effects all bodily functions, calms the nervous system and even restores vitality and mental clairity."

All that being said, the next question is what do you get in this online masterclass. I gave it a lot of thought and carefully chose the topics I put into the course. At first the idea was to make it as compact as possible but then I decided for a good mixture of compact and yet very rich in content that goes far beyond any regular course around the subject of Qigong exercise systems which is why I included modules explaining things like basic philosophical and physiological background aswell.

The result is the most comprehensive course on the subject matter currently available on the internet which will allow you to practice Baduan Jin Qigong at a very sophisticated level once you progress to the advanced modules.

So here is what this course features in a nutshell.


Course Features:

  • 54 Video Modules
  • Total View-Time more than 10,5 hours
  • Beginners and Advanced Level of the 8 Baduan Jin Exercises
  • Tutorial featuring normal abdominal breathing (NBA) and how to integrate it in the exercises
  • Philosophical Foundation - 5 Elements/ Yin and Yang
  • Fundamentals of TCM (traditional chinese medicine) to better understand the exercises and deepen the practice - Meridians/ Acupuncture Points/ Coupled Organs/ Energy Physiology/ Organclock/
  • How To Train - a specific section dedicated to teaching you the safest and most efficient way of training the Baduan Jin
  • Overview of Organ Anatomy and Physiology (very basic)
  • Qick View PDF-Documents
  • Bonus Modules - Breathing/ Movement



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