Basic Connection – why connecting with an open heart is so important


“Everything is connected!” Meanwhile this is a winged word and it is also a true one!

What remains is the question what exactly does it take to connect and more importantly what are the implications of it.

As human beings we are, just like anything else wired for connection. Even more so, connection is one of the most fundamental principles upon which this universe is built. However as humans we have the ability to partially disconnect from our surroundings or at least so it would seem. Whether this is due to being stuck in ones mind, or in a state of limited perception doesn’t really matter. What does matter, are the effects it has on us.

Connection is always there one way or the other. Actually this is part of our whole reason for being here. Because not only is being connected a very fundamental positive and necessary feeling for us, it is also the foundation of all interaction and experience.

If you touch a table you only perceive it because there is an interaction going on, thus you connect with it for a short amount of time very intimately.

“Connecting openly in joy boosts your immune-system, increases vitality, enhances your sense of yourself, fuels enthusiasm, connects you with the current moment and overall improves positivity towards life and oneself.”

In human interaction between people it gets really interesting because the different expressions of our consciousness (body, mind, emotions, energy etc.) allow for a great number of subtle nuances in how intense we actually open up, or rather consciously participate in connected interaction.

The layers of our own being literally allow for us to “just interact physically” or on much deeper levels, such as emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically.

“Opening yourself to real life connection allows you to get to know more of who you are and being comfortable expressing that because it is an active process of openly sharing your individuality and essence with the world.”

We all have experiences with all of those things and what most of us really long for are deep honest connections with other people and the world around us whether they currently are aware of it or not.

The relationship and connectedness you are having with yourself defines a lot of the ability to open up to others or to connect to people and situations fully open hearted.

The more “synchronized” you are in yourself the greater your ability to approach life with open arms and an open heart.

Physically speaking there are many pulsational and rhythmical processes going on in our bodies. Our neurons fire at a certain rate, we breathe in a certain frequency, our colon rhythmically contracts , and the heart has its very distinct life supporting pulse, etc… To put it in the simplest possible term, there can either be chaos in your body’s dynamic functions, or they can work together in a harmonious way.

All our thoughts and emotions eventually express themselves in either supporting chaos or supporting harmonious interaction between our bodily functions. When all body functions work together in a balanced, “happy” way, we are able to empathically open to the world and other people around us. It is in this state that we feel, and in fact are 100% safe within ourselves, capable of tremendous kindness and deep understanding.

“The more you are centered, self-accepting and at peace with yourself the easier it is to open up to the world around you.”

Another aspect that is quite important when it comes to deep connection is the principle of sharing and or common ground.

If the question is: “Is it possible to really quickly and deeply connect with people that you hardly know and have almost nothing in common with?”… the answer is “YES”

Obviously for most people safety is a huge factor when it comes to interaction with other. Can I open myself to this person or to this group and not get hurt in the process… what do they think of me… what is my safety net… etc.
 All those are expressions of insecurities and fears that come from bad experiences or a lack of self-confidence, which is almost always also a lack of connectedness with oneself.

This is the reason why having a common goal or some sort of common ground in the way we think or we perceive the world can help a lot. It is finding this common thread that one can kinda hold on to or come back to when things become intense either at work, personally or in the interaction with certain people. And yet, there is this one aspect that is absolutely crucial and that adds so many different layers to personal interaction and connection that it makes all the difference. SHARING

Something as simple as a shared experience no matter which one that is, literally just spending time together, walking through the streets, having a drink together or talking about a movie, allows for a safe “place” where two people can meet with open hearts just being in and enjoying the moment.

The reason why this works is because there is a second, much more important and potent safety-net than to have common ground with someone, and that is being in ones own spontaneous authentic expression. Almost nothing else can ever make you feel as safe in your interactions and connections than being yourself out of the pure joy of interacting in the present moment.

The truly funny thing is this: Being positively open means that your energy-output is higher and your whole perception is in high gear aswell. The result is that through this you are more actively participating in all the connections that are going on around you thus taking a more active part in the creation of this very moment itself and literally sharing yourself with the world. As this is a basic principle, by doing so you connect with the very core of yourself and how even your body holds together which again increases the internal feeling of integrity and the internal aswell as external feeling of belonging. 
You are safe.