“Embody your Vision”

let your body speak for you

Do you want your body to support your ideas and reflect them in your posture, your movement and your appearance?

Imagine how impactful it would be if what you say, how you move, how your posture looks like and what you radiate to the world were completely congruent and synced. Think about how much confidence it would give you to appear 100% aligned with your goals and ideas, and how easy this would make it to manifest them.

In this 5 day immersion retreat we combine workshops, simple physical exercises and mindfulness and bring this together with an absolutely beautiful location, good food and great surroundings.

This is not about simple bodylanguage or trying to create some outside appearance. This is much more profound since we will work on how you can embody your truest version of yourself and what you can do to constantly improve upon it.


Your typical day…

07:30 - 08:15 Morning Session

08:30 - 10:00 Breakfast

10:30 - 13:00 1st Workshop Session

13:00 - 15:30 Lunchbreak

15:30 - 18:30 2nd Workshop Session

19:00 - 20:30 Dinner

20:30 - … socializing, brainstorming, networking (optional)

If you are ready to turn your life upside down and connect with yourself in ways you probably didn’t even think where possible…

If you are willing to get to know your body and it’s role in helping you to express your dreams…

If you are curious of what possibilities for health and life lie in the deeper connection of body and mind…

If you want to learn more about how to improve your body posture and movement on a day to day basis…

And if you want to connect with interesting likeminded people in a beautiful location…

… then this is for you!

WHAT’s going to happen

  • develop tools for everyday to help improve posture, flow and movement

  • embodiment workshop - the concept/ the relevance/ applications

  • movement to optimize the idea finding process and manifestation

  • creating a movement space

  • expressing yourself fully

  • the “purposful mind” -body

  • connect with your heart

  • inspiring walks in nature

  • swimming (for those who want) and beach time

  • networking

  • downtime and relaxing

Your Hosts



Nicole is a dancer at heart and loves to share her passion for movement and expression with her students in energetic classes motivating them to excel to the best of their abilities.

As an aerial acrobat on silk, hoop and similar devices she loves to perform shows and inspire people to dream.

However, movement isn’t her only passion. She studies linguistics and knows her way around seven languages, four of which she speaks fluently and is just an incredibly curious person.

At the retreat Nicole will guide Flexibility Flow and movement sessions between workshops.


His passion lies in the development of consciousness and movement and in facilitating experienced based highly individual processes for people who are willing to go beyond their status quo and dive into their own full potential of personal and professional growth and wellbeing.

With a strong background in all kinds of movement (sports, dance, martial arts, ), medicine and therapy Egwin has been teaching health, movement and self development classes across audiences and worked with companies in burnout- prevention programs and workshops for the better part of 15 years.
He offered two 2,5 years long teacher training programs for enthusiastic souls who wanted to take their personal movement and self development journey to the next level and helped some of them to get their individual professional journey started.

In 2015 and parts of 2016 he took a break from active teaching to focus more on personal growth and the development of his combined approach to personal development, wellbeing and movement, which led to the creation of “Beyond Systems”, a system free approach based in fundamental principles to support people in their individual journeys of self development, wellbeing and growth.

He is the Founder of “Beyond Systems”, Co-Founder of the “Radiant Wellcare Summit”, a TEDx speaker and presenter at various conferences around the globe always passionately facilitating experiences that allow people to look and act from new perspectives.

Today his focus is on international workshops and retreats where he teaches his Beyond Systems approach to personal growth, health and spiritual development.
There is also a chance to see him following his newest personal passion in performing as an aerial artist hanging from aerial silks or hoops.

At the retreat Egwin will hold the embodiment workshop, and lead you onto the bridge of consciousness and movement through various mindfulness, strategy and movement sessions.


This once in a lifetime experience includes…

  • morning sessions and movement snacks

  • workshops and focus sessions

  • one on one orientation session on how to individually applying the new tools

  • accommodation in shared double rooms in stunning Villa 3 Palme

  • all vegetarian meals and drinks

  • access to a closed Facebook group for support and fruitful exchange even beyond the retreat



Regular Prize

€ 1600

inkl. all workshops, classes, accomodation and food as listed above

Early Bird Prize

€ 1450

valid for all bookings before 30th of May 2019

inkl. all workshops, classes, accomodation and food as listed above

Upon registration you will be sent an email with all necessary details. To secure your spot there is a 50% deposit.


Next retreat Dates:

30. Sept - 05. Oct 2019

Villa 3 Palme

Sardinia (Italy)

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