Stretching - Moving - Recharging Retreat Croatia


Stretching - Moving - Recharging Retreat Croatia

920.00 1,350.00

One week somatic experiences that will recharge your soul

directly at the mediteranean sea

10th - 17th of June 2018

Find your hidden potential of being in this human form!

In this one week intensive training we will explore tools to naturally realign our bodies, to recenter and ground ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically and how to use simple tools to recharge and balance ourselves whenever we want.

we will do so by utilizing basic principles of:

- natural movement (coordination + strength)
- stretching
- developmental movement patterns
- consciousness work
- meditation
- mindfulness
- energy work

price includes accomodation and 6 days of 7.5 hours of training per day

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Arrival 10th of June 2018

6 Days of intensive training of about 7.5 hours per day

- Morning Session (~ 1 - 1,5h)
- Breakfast
- Forenoon Session (3h)
- Lunch Break (3 - 3,5 h  depending on group preference)
- Afternoon Session (3h)
- Dinner
- Open Evenings

Departure 17th of June 2018
(leaving accomodation by 10am - but you can stay on sight until the evening and enjoy the rest of the day swimming or chilling..)



Lanterna Appartments
Porec/ Tar



Join me for this intensive training week in Croatia directly at the mediteranean sea to reawaken body, mind, soul and spiit.

Human Basics Training focuses on things that are there but rarely used, sometimes even forgotten. It is all about regaining that ability to trust in yourself and your possibilities to live an amazing life.

While many seek the "truth" of bodymovement and structure we are going differently about things.

As I always say: "... the only thing that is currently true is that we are humans, or rather that we have or use this human form which has countless possibilities to move, express and be well, so what is true or "the right thing" largely depends on our intentions and our current situation to start with which takes us to the necessity to know some basic principles that hardly anyone knows because they where never taught..."

Human basics is about exactly that. Uncovering some of the most fundamental principles of body, mind, spirit and conscousness that form the foundation of how we "work". Knowing them unlocks your toolbox and litterally allows you to choose freely how and when to apply them in whatever situation you choose.

It's about human potential the unlocking of it beyond the borders of tight specific systems but exactly because of that allowing for applicability in every system aswell.

It is not Yoga, it's not Fitness, it's not just Mindfulness or that..but rather a training of principles that are used by all of them.







Conscious training with consciousness being the center.

Thus we work on our mind, body, energy, consciousness, perception and fuse all of those things together in understanding that comes from practice rather than untried beliefs.

Some examples of basic principles are:

  • how to most efficiently use joints and muscles by knowing how to intent movement
  • how to recallibrate one basic movement patterns through "developmental movement training"
  • how to center and ground yourself in the present moment by applying basic movement principles in everyday moves
  • how to create freedom in the joints and flow in the body that effects our energy, mind and posture
  • how to reconnect with nature to balance emotions and focus the mind
  • how to find creativity in action and unleash this true power from within...
  • and many more




Appartments for 6 people featuring 2 double rooms with single and 1 double room with a double bed/ 2 seperate bathrooms (one with buthtub) and toilettes and a small kitchen and dining area.
All rooms have their own small balcony.

Single supplements are available at additional cost. Please contact me for that option directly.




How we will eat

Meals are not included. But with a great range of local produce that we can get fresh on sight every day a bakery and the choice of 4 different restraunts featuring both local and international cuisine that isn't really a problem. Mostly we will have breakfast together on the balcony with fresh ingreediants and cook lunch or dinner together in either smaller groups depending on daily tastes or as a whole group event. Of course no one is forced to join and can also enjoy some alone time wondering into the sunset or going for a calm swim if they don't feel like the big group meal.


6 Days of training, about 7.5 hours per day thats the core of this unique experience that can unlock you from within.


Important Information:

In case you have a medical history of surgeries, allergies, intolarences, heart attack, diabetes, stroke or any other serious medical situation you are required to contact the event host and disclose this information.
The same goes for psychiatric states and or if you are on any sort of medications, whether it is painkillers, antidepressents, or blood thinners etc.
This information will be handled with care and is for internal use only, for your own aswell as the events hosts protection.
The host can not be held accountable for injuries or medical issues that emerge during the training due to a lack of information about preexisting conditions.

If you are in doubt whether or not participation is an option at this point please contact the host directly here.





Wo can participate and are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Everyone can attend the event if he or she is in a normal healthy physical and mental state. For underaged teenagers a declaration of consent has to be provided by a parent or legal guardian. Children under the age of 16 may only participate with a parent or legal guardian present.


What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

You can travel by car, bus or plane. There are plenty of parking options directly on site. From Austria and major Cities in close by countries there are regular bus services available. The closest Airport is located in Pula which is about 45 min drive from where we are staying. Other close airports are Maribor (2.5 hours)/ Graz (3,5 hours)/ Triest (1.5 hours)


How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

You can use the contact form on the website here:


What's the refund policy?

A general refund is possible up to 30 days prior to the event.

Refunds that happen within a 30 day time period of the event are subject to a 50% administrative charge.

In case you do not show up to the event no refunds will be given.

In case of event cancellation 100% of your money will be refunded.


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