Recharge and Recalibrate Pneutopia Retreat


Recharge and Recalibrate Pneutopia Retreat

1,140.00 1,300.00

July 22nd - 26th 2018 in Austria close to Melk

multiple dates are available

Aero Yoga, Quantum Healing and Beyond Systems Human Basic Training meet

In this collaboration it is all about disconnecting from your regular day to recallibrate your body, mind and energy.

With exercises on the ground and floating in the air in the Aero Yoga belt, surrounded by nature and daily servings of freshly made organic food this retreat will surely touch your senses and allow you to recharge and reconnect.

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Join us in this amazing setup!

We (Thomas/ Aiko/ Egwin) joined forces to bring you an amazing retreat experience.

Thomas is an internationally renowned architect who specializes in "pneutopic structures" hence the title of the retreat. Those are inflatable elements that can be set up in a multitude of ways to for a vast variety of elements, from simple chars, to art objects, and from inflated windows to whole event domes.

Aiko created her own system that combines Aero Yoga, Aero Pilates and Quantum Healing to create the most amazing effects in her clients, recalibrating their physical structure while also helping them to restore their internal conectedness and energy.

Myself (Egwin) I bring in my expertise in bridging systems and using basic principles of movement, consciousness, mind energy and emotions to help you recharge, and reconnect with your inner source, empowering you to retain positive effects of the retreat far into your regular day life by what I call Human Basic Training.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this amazing opportunity to do something amazing for your health in this ever faster paced world we currently live in.

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