Reconnect With Yourself Masterclass unlock your potential

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Reconnect With Yourself Masterclass unlock your potential


8 week online course

Reconnect with yourself - the most important step you can take to improve your overall wellbeing, health, enthusiasm, energy levels and authenticity.

No prerequisites required.

This 8 week course guides you step by step through an easy to follow process back to yourself and your inner power and heartfilled drive in life by taking back control of your awareness, natural body alignment and movement, conscious breathing and many more.

The steps on the way:
- reconnecting with your body
- creating healthy body alignment to feel well in ones body
- connecting with your breath
- tuning into the present
- freeing yourself - mental hygiene
- reconnecting with nature
- unlocking your own capacity to be healthy
- connecting with your drive


- video modules
- closed Facebook workshop group
- 8 Zoom live calls

For additional info or if you are unsure if this course is for you please contact me directly using the contact form on the website.


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The center of it is to get you back into a feeling of connectedness. More specifically connectedness with yourself which is at the core of things. To achieve that I designed this 8 week intensive course that leads you through a number of simple and yet powerful tasks that have the potential to change your current world to the better.

Feeling centered and grounded in oneslef leads  to more emotional and mental clairity, more energy and a deeper feeling of being alive almost like seeing the world with kids eyes that only seek to explore again, yet still retaining the knowledge and experience you have as an adult. It clears away doubt and opens you to a whole new level of perspective regarding your role in your life and the abilities that you can share with the world. It's this deep sense of connectedness and meaning that also regulates your bodily functions and allows you to live a more self-determined, healthy and fulfilled life.

The program is comprised out of 8 online modules with videos and workbooks plus a closed Facbook group that only participants have access to to communicate questions and receive additional updates as we go along.
The modules will be unlocked and sent to you via email every Saturday of the 8 weeks course and every Sunday there will be a Zoom live call where all participants meet, I'll give additional infos and answer any question you might have directly.

We will discuss:

  • what is connection
  • how to use integrated movement to permanently physically reconnect
  • how does its existence or absence influence our lives
  • practical tools for our regular day life
  • connectedness and life - how the two influence each other
  • how connection heals us from within
  • how to restore internal connection
  • how to stay connected
  • how movement can be used to reconnect
  • the core of connection is consciousness
  • how connectedness actually increases your empathic ability in a healthy way
  • etc.

Benefits include:

  • better selfesteem
  • improved health
  • more focus and clairity
  • higher energy levels
  • more flow in life
  • less internal friction
  • owning yourself fully
  • bein authentic
  • more freedom
  • etc.

My part is to show you the path to reconnect with yourself. The rest is all you and the magic that suddenly starts to happen once you realign with what you truly want and are capable of when focused.


Now without any further adue.. here is the program in overview..

1st Week    "Hi" - practical basics of perception and self awareness

Whatever governs your awareness plays a huge role in your life. Learning to take complete charge of your focus is an important step to being centered and grounded in yourself and your true intentions again.
Simple exercises and theoretical input will provide the necessary experiences to advance in your being consciously governed awareness.

2nd Week   "Taking Control of your Breath" - starting something new/ conscious movement/active, aware breathing

Breathing can be used to connect the subconscious and conscious parts of our mind and it can also help to refocus and pull yourself back into the very moment you are currently in. Conscious movement as the second important provider for sensory feedback that not just refocuses but also trains muscular efficiency and supports your structure and by resetting natural alignment the body will constantly realign itsself.

3rd Week   "Detoxifying the Mind" - a diet of a different sort (media/ commercials/ artificial food)

Almost all aspects of our life are in one way or the other influenced by our mind, by our conscious and subconscious thoughts and their effect on our decisions aswell as our mental and emotional clairity and motivation. Clearing the mind from unnecassary garbage allows for our own body to be heard again and also gives the voice of our internal drive the opportunity to partake actively in our decision making and general direction in life. Also, cleared thoughts means that you will have better sleep and deeper connections to the things that are really relevant in YOUR life rather than what the TV tells you.

4th Week   "Fundamental Functions" - core movement, presence, consciousness in movement

This is the week where we dive into some of the most fundamental functions of our own body and energy system that allows us to interact with ourselves in a simplicity that is almost unmatched. Plus it will increase your mobility and allow you to reconnect with your physical body in a whole new way.

5th Week   "Nature Connection" - grounding through nature/ concrete diet/ earthing

We are Nature. Reconnecting with the very source our physical body is created from is one of the most healing and essential things one can learn to do as a self care method.  We will discuss some simple methods to make the best of your time in nature and how to actively interact with it to improve overll wellbeing and internal stability.

6th Week   "Passion/ Appreciation" - even deeper connection to body, mindy, emotions and our conscious being

This week we turn it even a little bit more towards us and reconnect with our own body and form in a deep and profoundly simple way. It is this deep connection through physical feeling that creates the solid foundation for everything else and now we can use it to deepen our awareness and take the next step in expressing ourself with joy and confidence.

7th Week   "Rituals of Daily You" - becoming fluent + implementing new ways and small "stops" through the day to recharge and be

What can we do to increase our effect in our life and the world... how can we muster more energy that we can freely use to express ourselves and be creative in our life. Simple tools with huge impact to incorporate everything we have learned so far in a practical way.

8th Week   "Connection" - whatever is missing so far and how connection leads to life

In this week we will tie up loose ends and discuss more profound aspects of connection, some that lie even deeper within us and also those that have to do with outside interaction and living your own connectedness in the "real" world.

This module sums it up and adds the glue to the puzzle  -  how everything comes together.