BEYOND SYSTEMS - being human

As humans we have many, many possible ways of expressing, thriving, developing and being.

This great variety of possibilities is what makes the human form so “attractive”.

If asked if there is “a one right way” to use the human body I’d say “USE IT”.

Now this might sound a bit un-concrete so please let me explain what is meant by it.

Like I keep saying, the human form is extremely versatile and has many possibilities to offer. This in return means that there are many way of “using” the body in a way that doesn’t hurt it.

The question of “the right” way is an idle one since it really depends on the person asking, their experiences that are in embodiment, their exact measurements, their ideas and the specific task they are talking about. Everything down to the exact environment potentially changes the answer of what is “the right” way to do something, plus it always requires a deffinition of “the right way” ahead of answering, so maybe let’s call it the most effective, efficient way with as little wear and tear on the body as possible.

Extremely important is, that we are not just our bodies. We are consciousness that expresses itsself in various ways on various different layers. Some of which we call, the mind, our emotions, a body, energies etc. Being Human refers to it as a whole, with all the layers of expression we have at our disposal and even more.

So it’s really something where we work with

mind , emotions , body , energies and consciousness combined.

We use basic principles in the Beyond Systems approach to unlock certain fundamental abilities and train the most fundamental capabilities to such an extent that everyone can use them in their regular day life to benefit from their own inherent potential.

Beyond Systems uses set basic principles to create an understanding of the most fundamental aspects of our being whether that’s how to percieve oneself, how to walk “correctly” accoriding to you own biomechanics, intent and surroundings, or unlock ones consciousness and intuition to be able to be free and truly ones own master in this life.

It’s more about learning the basics on which more complex techniques are built rather than learning

“Beyond Systems doesn’t mean to never use systems. But it’s the mindset to work from a meta perspective, freely choosing when to use which system and/or when to go completely free and purely work with base principles. It’s more a guideline of how to work with your awareness.”