Disclaimer and general thoughts on safety


Baduan Jin Qigong is an easy to learn and powerful tool to maintain or even regain health. However, it is not a designated therapy, and in case of serious medical issues or injury does NOT replace a visit at the doctor or trusted therapist.

While many medical conditions can be positively influenced by the training of Baduan Jin Qigong professional advice should be sought out in case of acute injury, massive infections, cancer, diabetes etc.

In case you are not certain if Baduan Jin Qigong can be safely practiced by you at this current given time you can contact me directly, or in series cases have your doctor or health professional contact me for you, to discuss possibilities and whether or not Baduan Jin Qigong can play a role in your safe recovery.


In case you had fresh surgical procedures (within two months of starting your training) execute common sense regarding paintriggers, and if in doubt contact me or ask your health professional about a level of training that is adequate. Always allow fresh surgical scars or tissue damage to heal properly before you start your training.