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In order to reach and support as many interested people around the globe as possible, I created a great variety of ressources that you can choose from to get to know your possibilities, engage in training and gain new insights.

At the very core of everything that I offer are your individual possibilities, which shape your way of doing and learning things opening up this awesome process of realizing your own potential and eventually exploring every single part of it.

If you want to join this community of consciously evolving people who are interested in unlocking their potential of movement and consciousness, who want to live to the fullest and be able to do something about their own health by holding the reins to their wellbeing in their own hands then this page offers you plenty of options to really get involved.


In one or two day setups, workshops offer a quick initial insight into a specific topic. Workshops can be a great starting point if you are still unfamiliar with a subject because they offer compact insights and allow you to get to know a bit more of the “lay of the land” of whats possible and how training works.

Events and trips can be anything from presentations at conferences to adventure journeys that combine outdoor experiences with workshop topics. An example for the latter would be our Acrobatics Sailing Cruise.

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Retreats offer the opportunity to dive much deeper into a subject. Ranging from 5 days up to a couple of weeks in a row they are an intensive full immersion training setup often combined with specifically chosen locations that further support the overall experience.

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1 on 1 Coaching / Private Training

If you really want to go deep and get a massive boost forward with regard to your health, personal development or overall life situation in a very individualized way this is for you.

We can do one on one conultations either in real life, if you happen to be around the corner of where I’m currently at, or via Zoom or Skype online. There are different options to choose from and normally I always start with a free 20 to 30 min orientation session just for the both of us to get to know each other and find out if and in what way we can best work together.

The format of private consultations and/or private tutoring is great if you are looking for highly individualized training/ support, want to work very time efficient (in larger groups although they obviously do have their benefits aswell, it sometimes takes longer to progress in ones own points of question) or want support regarding a very spezialized subject.

Here is how it works and what your next step to your personal solution can look like:

  • Book a free 20 to 30 min orientation session

  • Decide in which way you want to proceed (one time support call/ multiple single calls/ monthly subscription/ online course/ real life events or workshops/ etc..)

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1 to 2 hours personal session online via Skype or Zoom, or in person if you are currently in the same city or location than me.

Regular one on one sessions can be booked as single events or as packages for more continuous support.



Different versions of regular monthly sessions for ongoing support in training

Monthly plans can be individualized in how frequent calls or support happens plus there are additional features from which you can choose.

  • a set number of one on one calls per month

  • in case of movement related topics - video analysis of weekly progression

  • whats-app support service for urgent matters

  • combinable with real life sessions



  • you are a regular person who wants to improve upon something specific

  • you have never explored the potential that lies within you

  • you have specific questions or seeking support on how to “navigate” all the offers that are out there to improve a specific health situation or support your personal development

  • you are a teacher/ instructor/ trainer of movement, dance, consciousness, personal development or any other discipline that is connected with human potential and want a fresh pair of eyes on something or just want to explore the possibility for further personal growth and learning

one on ones are great to take it to the next level.


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Online courses offer the perfect opportunity to get into training or start a new subject without a lot of hassle. From the comfort of your home, or litterally everywhere you can access great ressources and commence your training, mostly at your own speed since you choose the time of your training. This makes them a versatile tool to explore new things and learn what you want even with little time or limited possibility to join in real life workshops due to geographical distance.