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Terms and Conditions:

All events hosted by Beyond Systems are subject to our general terms and conditions as listed below unless additional regulations are explicitely stated in the event description or registration forms.

  • Beyond Systems is an educational provider of trainings, advanced education, workshops, retreats, one on one consultations and online trainings in the following fields: physical education, movement, natural movement, acrobatics, personal development, spiritual development, energy work, mindfulness, wellbeing, personal freedom, motivation, company health, burnout- prevention, holistic health
    As such Beyond Systems is not a healthcare provider, therapy or holds any claims of performing therapeutic practices.

  • To participate in our events, workshops, educational programs etc. serves the purpose of self education and personal training and development.

General rules of participation:

  • To participate in our events you need to be of normal physical and mental health.

  • Relevant medical informations that might endanger you or other participants must be disclosed prior to the event. Examples would be: diabetes, allergies, epilepsy, surgeries within 2 months of the event, infectious diseases etc.
    This rule for disclosure also includes the use of medicinal drugs, like anti depressants, blood thinning medications, etc.
    This information is necessary to decide if it is safely possible to attend our events and is there to protect you from possible (further) injury or harm aswell as other participants.
    - Neither Beyond Systems nor any trainer at our events can be made responsible for damages or injuries that result from your failure to provide us with relevant medical background informations about your status.

  • Within reason the participants are required to comply with the instructions of the trainer (or skipper). This specifically applies to events that are held outdoors in potentially dangerous environments like on sailing cruises, outdoor teambuilding events in the mountains etc.

  • In case a participant repeatedly endangers fellow participants or him- herself due to reckless behavior or non compliance with (safety) instructions Beyond Systems reserves the right to exclude set participant from the training or the event. In such a case set participant has no right to make any claims for refunds of money he or she already payed for the event. Possible additional travel costs due to an early departure are also to be carried by set exculded participant him/ herself.

  • Respectful interactions with the organization and/ or the trainer aswell as with fellow participants goes without saying and is expected.

  • Disrespectful or racist behaviour will not be tolerated and might lead to cancellation of participation without any claim for refunds of already payed participation fees.

Health consultations:

  • If you approach us with a health issue and seek support in one on one consultations,

  • you must understand that we (Beyond Systems) do not provide therapy.
    If agreed upon we will provide information about possibilities of professional treatments available (as far as known by us - we do not claim to know 100% of all possibilities or treatments on the market), from doctors, therapists, massage therapists, or other professional healthcare providers and inform about possibilities of possible self dependent actions available to support ones goal of reclaiming health. We will not make any decisions for you and purely seek to provide information to the best of our knowledge.


  • Sign up for a workshop, retreat, regular class or one on one sessions has to happen in writing, via email or in some cases Facebook messenger might be an option (check for individual event regulations)

  • A sign up is valid and your spot guaranteed once the advance payment of 50% of the full price or full payment is received on our end. (This differs for one on one sessions)

  • In case of some events additional information might be required for organizational, safety or liability purposes. The need for that will be seperatly announced in the event or at the latest upon registration and typically include basic infos about your person, emergency contacts, infos about dietary requirements and/or allergies, medical conditions relevant to safely participate an event etc.

    • If a registration form is required it is obligatory and has to be send back to us fully filled out as soon as possible. For events that require registration via such a registration form both the payment as stated in the previous point and the fully filled out form are required to secure your spot.

Cancellation policy:

  • Workshops and Retreats: Typically such events are made public many months in advance. A down payment of 50% of the full price is required to secure your spot at an event. In case of cancellations from the participants side the following cancellation rules apply:
    - Cancellation up until 1,5 months (6 weeks) prior to the event is possible at the cost of a handling fee of 5% of the down payment.
    - For cancellations from 6 weeks up until 4 weeks prior to the event the cancellation fee is 25% of the full event price.
    - For cancellations from 4 weeks up until 1 week prior to the event the 50% down payment will not be refunded.
    - In case of cancellation in the last week before the event the full price of the event is due.
    - There are only two possible exceptions to the last rule: 1) death or serious illness of a family member 2) injury or serious illness of the participant him- or herself. In both cases 19 and 2) the cancellation fee is only 25% of the full event price instead of 100% if written proof is provided of the circumstances (for example a written and signed statement of a doctor stating the inability to participate at this point).

  • Regular classes:
    Your spot for regular classes (except for open drop in classes or community classes) is secure once 100% of the price for the regular class is payed in full.

    • Cancellation up until 4 weeks prior to the event is possible free of charge

    • For cancellations between 4 weeks and 2 week prior to the event the cancellation fee is 25% of the full price.

    • For cancellations between 2 weeks and one day prior to the event the cancellation fee is 50% of the full price.

    • In case of a no show at the first day of the classes the full price is due.

    • In case of you are inable to participate in the regular classes due to an injury or serious illness participants can get a refund if they provide proof in the form of a signed statement from a doctor.

    • If you choose to stay away from classes for whatever reason after the course started no refund will be given. This includes missed out classes due to illness, appointment collisions or work.

  • In case an event is cancelled by the organizer (Beyond System) all already payed money from customers will be refunded.


Externally hosted events:

This refers to workshops, retreats or speaking appointments that are hosted by third parties and where Beyond Systems role is that of the invited trainer, teacher, speaker or key note speaker.

Rules for hosts:

  • If not otherwise arranged and agreed upon, it’s the hosts task to book the event location and organize all on site requirements, such as chairs, flip chart, possibly meals (dependend on the event)/ refreshements etc.

  • A minimum number of participants has to be confirmed before Beyond Systems representative/ trainer/ speaker books their flight or arranges for travel and accomodation.

  • If the event has to be canceled but flights are already booked it is the hosts responsibility to pay for all possibly occuring flight- transport- or accomodation cancellation fees.

  • Beyond Systems is payed by the host directly. Whether it is a fixed amount or a per person amount is subject to negotiations prior to the promotion of the event and is part of the written teaching agreement or contract that has to be signed by both parties.

  • Possible medical concerns and questions regarding the ability to safely participate in the event have to be forwarded to Beyond Systems and the contracted trainer/ speaker.

Duties of the trainer:

  • It is up to the trainer to show up to teaching or speaking appointments on time.

  • The trainer/ speaker is committed to teach for the time frame as agreed upon in the teaching agreement/ contract.

  • The trainer/ speaker is commited to present about the the topics agreed upon in the teaching agreement/ contract but is allowed a certain freedom to adapt, change or expand topics spontaniously according to the needs and/or questions of the audience.

  • If the trainer can’t make it to the event due to serious illness or other serious reasons he/she is obligated to provide an equally qualified replacement.
    - In this case it falls to the organizers/ hosts judgement whether or not to postpone or cancel the event.
    - Any costs of flight cancellations or change of flights are to be carried by Beyond Systems or the trainer/ speaker.
    - Possible cancellation fees of the event location in such a case are regulated in the teaching agreement/ contract.

Rules for participants or third party events:

  • Chek for event specific regulations regarding registration, payment, organization etc.

  • The above stated rules for safe participation (disclosure of relevant medical infos/ and the need to be in a normal physical and psychological healthy state) apply.

General Data Protection Regulation

Beyond Systems complies with the data protection regulation put forth by the EU.

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You data is safe with me. I hereby declare that as far as I have control over it your email or vulnerable date will not be shared with any third parties (exept the previously mentioned - mailchimp and Stripe which are necessary for functionality of my services), companies or private persons.