Baduan Jin Qigong - Vitality, Balance & Longevity


Baduan Jin Qigong - Vitality, Balance & Longevity


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Gentle movement combined with conscious breathing and a clear intent is what makes this practice so powerful. Restore and maintain your health, recharge your batteries, connect with yourself and improve your overall wellbeing.

For thousands of years Qigong was and is still practiced in China and meanwhile all around the world. The Chinese knew what modern science is backing up more and more, that conscious movement and breathing effects all bodily functions, calms the nervous system and even restores vitality and mental clairity.

The Baduan Jin Qigong Set is a simple yet effective exercise method comprised out of 8 exercises that are specifically helpful to balance organ functions, rejuvinate the body, balance emotions and recharge your batteries.

Benefits of Baduan Jin training and this course include:

  • flow in movement

  • more energy

  • increased vitality

  • balanced emotions

  • more mental clairity

  • increased mobility

  • more sexual energy

  • better connection to ones own body and health

  • improved immune system

  • and many more

This online program is the most comprehensive course on the subject of the Baduan Jin Yin Qigong you can find on the internet featuring two training levels (beginner/ and advanced), breathing instructions, philosophical background of the 5 elements aswell as Yin and Yang which is relevant for advanced training and bonus material about movement, breathing, training etc.

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Note: although Qigong is used in therapy around the globe, this specific system and course is not designed to serve as such. While it can greatly enhance ones overall health and resilience this course doesn’t replace a visit at your trusted doctor or health professional in case of series disease or injury.

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