Foundation Builder Program - align your body unlock your life - online course


Foundation Builder Program - align your body unlock your life - online course


In this course you will learn how to use consciousness and simple movement patterns to regain healthy postural alignment and natural movement by applying both in regular life.

"It doesn't take a lot of training time to move healthy, it only takes the right way!"

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Short and powerful - this program enables you to re-align your body and regain healthy unrestricted movement through a series of especially designed tools that can easily be integrated in everyones regular life. It's really all about using the mind and body in a very distinct and natural way that makes all the difference.

The benefits of this go far beyond just our posture or movement as our immune system, creativity and even our ability to deal with stress are also positively  influenced.

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Creating positive change in your movement and supporting our own body structure without extensively training ones muscles in a gym on a regular basis is not a myth.

The foundation of natural movement is to know how to communicate with the body properly. How we think about movement is not just something in our head but actually changes the way our whole body is coordinated.

In this 6 part program I will show you exactly how to apply the necessary basic principles and integrate them in your regular life. And it is not just about building the foundation. Each module takes you through another aspect until in module 6 you will already have lots of ideas and practical experience on how to create and maintain healthy movement and posture.

aditional benefits:
- improved self-awareness
- better alignment
- more focused mind
- feeling of being centered
- regaining freedom regarding health


NEW- This course is now ongoing and you can book and get started with it whenever it fits your schedule! And yes, despite it beeing ongoing now there is still the moderated Facebook group where I make sure to answer your questions personally and give updates.

Course structure and features:

- 6 Video Modules
- private Facebook Workshop Group
- printable Bodymap and Charts


The course is devided in 6 Video Modules that build on each other.
The Modules are designed to provide theoretical input aswell as practical exercises for you to practice. Any feedback or questions about the modules content or the exercises will be handled in the FB group where I'll also be giving additional variations and helpful tips according to the feedback from the group.
The PDF's are there for you partly as work material and reminder.


The 6 Modules:

Module 1:   "Adopt an infallible perception"

The ability to direct ones awareness and be able to differentiate is one of the most important cornerstones we need to develop. It allows us to know exactly what goes on in the body and to choose the right way to fix it if needed.

Module 2:   "Bridge the gap - the conscious and subconscious"

In this module you will learn how to use your breath to reduce stress, and furthermore how to use breath to facilitate change in the body. Breath is basically energy and I'm not even talking spiritual here. With each breath and the quality of breath we use we either support our body biologically or we put additional stress on it, effecting our physical recovery, the immune system and the efficiency of all body structures from bones to muscles, from connective - to neuro tissue.

Module 3:   "Hips don't lie - increase your direction and agility"

Meet one of the most important areas of our bodies. The hips and hip joints. Not only are our sexual and excretory organs situated there, but as the junction to our legs the hips also play a major role in our circulatory and immune system. Taking conscious control of the hips enables you to tab into a massive powersource and unlocks new possibilites both in mobility and grounding. The pelvic ring is also directly connected to the spine.

Module 4:   "Shed the weight - let your shoulders free"

Mobilizing the shoulder girdl and thoracic area is main content of this module as quite often internal tension in this area is responsible for structural deficiencies, neck or head pain and high level stress.
You will learn how to revive your shoulders and reduce tension in the neck and chest.

Module 5:   "Connect to yourself"

Rituals can be a very helpful tool especially when used consciously and with a fair amount of variability. In this module you will learn how to use the first and last waking minutes of the day to reconnect with yourself or prime you for the day in a sustainable way.

Module 6:   "Life - connect to it"

Finally the integration module. Everything that you have learned and applied so far flows together in this last module, adding another extremely important component to the mix in order to take your health, movement, and life to the next level.


Your benefits:

- having improved mobility
- decompress bodystructures
- more flow in movement hence more flow in your lymphatic system and enhanced blood circulation and digestion
- better alignment
- simple tools to deal with stress
- more efficiency in movement
- reduced risk of injury through badly coordinated movement
- feeling centered
- having more energy
- and many more