Private Training/ Mentorship



Private training offers you the opportunity to get highly individualized input, training and guidence and even accountability if you want.

Whether it’s training, a “coaching session” to help you get your bearings or to support you in positively changing your life and unlocking that potential that’s stored inside of you, or it’s to get some additional ideas which methods you could try or learn in 1-ON-1 sessions you get the individual support you need.

If you are highly motivated and/or have a lot of energy but are unsure of how to best use it to get the best results you are on the right track here.

Furthermore if

  • you want to upgrade and change your life but have no idea how and where to start

  • you are a regular person who wants to improve upon something specific relating wellbeing or sportive performance

  • you have never explored the potential that lies within you

  • you have specific questions or seeking support on how to “navigate” all the offers that are out there to improve a specific health situation or support your personal development

  • you are a teacher/ instructor/ trainer of movement, dance, consciousness, personal development or any other discipline that is connected with human potential and want a fresh pair of eyes on something or just want to explore the possibility for further personal growth and learning

this is deffinitely something to give a go!

Typically I do a free 20 min assessment call ahead of all one on one coachings. This is purely there to get to know each other, work out expectations and possibilities and just see if we are a match to work with each other.

A regular one on one online training session is typically 1,5 hours (90 min) long. —- Exchange $ 90 for one time or irregular sessions.

Packages for monthly support with more regular calls, additional training programs or email stand by service are charged differently depending on the options chosen.

See you in there!

To book an appointment and in case you have any questions regarding private online training please use the form below to get in touch.

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I’m looking forward to working with you!